We support companies to develop environmentally friendly and socially fair products and services by applying lifecycle-thinking.

Our approach for your sustainability journey
Integrate sustainability in innovation, product development, business processes and the skills of the workforce.

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We identify the strategic and operational potentials of sustainability related to your product portfolio.


Each company is facing different challenges. We consider the specific challenges of each company and develop a common understanding and way forward that addresses your sustainability goals and your individual needs.


Sustainability as an interdisciplinary subject requires an systemic approach considering the company and its stakeholders. We involve all relevant actors from within and outside the company in the projects.


We question customer needs and rethink the product utility as a basis for developing sustainable products. Applying life cycle thinking we ensure the integration of all sustainability related requirements into the product by the product development.


The successful implementation of a companies sustainability concepts is critical for the achievement of its sustainability goals. We develop with our clients sustainability solutions and support their implementation.

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We are looking forward to hear from you about your sustainability challenges in an initial meeting and to discuss what could be next steps.
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